Definition of establish

What is Establish?

Establish means to create or start something new. It is like building a strong foundation for a house. When you establish something, you make it official and permanent.

Origin of Establish

The word “establish” comes from the Latin word “stabilire,” which means to make stable or set up firmly. It has been used for many centuries to talk about setting up something important and long-lasting.

Where is Establish Found in Everyday Life?

We see examples of establishing all around us! When people start a new business, they establish it by getting all the necessary licenses and permits. When a government creates a new law, they establish it to make sure people follow it. Even when we form clubs or groups with friends, we establish them by making certain rules and choosing leaders.

Synonyms and Comparison

Some words that can be used instead of establish include create, set up, found, or build. It is similar to building a strong structure or laying down the roots for something long-lasting.

Conclusion: The Definition of Establish

Establish means to start or create something new in a firm and permanent way. It is like building a strong foundation, making things official, and setting up rules. It is an important word that helps bring stability to our lives by creating structures and systems that we can rely on.