Definition of Energy

What is Energy?

Energy is the power or ability to do work or create change. It is all around us, making things happen every day. You can think of energy as the fuel that makes everything work, like the gasoline that powers a car.

Where does Energy come from?

Energy comes from many different sources. Some energy is found in the natural resources of our Earth, such as the sun, wind, and water. These sources of energy are called renewable because they can be used again and again. Other energy sources, like oil, coal, and gas, are called non-renewable because they will eventually run out.

Where is Energy found in everyday life?

Energy is found in many things we use in our daily lives. When we turn the lights on, energy is used to create the light. When we run or play sports, our bodies use energy to move. Even when we are eating, the food we consume gives us energy to keep going.

What are some synonyms for Energy?

Energy can also be called power, strength, or force. It is the invisible force that powers our world and allows things to happen.

How does Energy compare to something close?

Energy can be compared to a superhero. Just like a superhero has special powers to make things happen, energy has the power to make things work and create change.

In conclusion,

Energy is the force or power that allows things to happen. It comes from different sources like the sun, wind, water, and natural resources. We use energy in our everyday lives to power our homes, vehicles, and even our own bodies. It can also be called power, strength, or force. Energy is like a superhero that brings life and movement to everyone and everything around us.


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