Definition of Eccentric

What is Eccentric?


Eccentric is a word used to describe someone or something that is unconventional, peculiar, or different in a unique way. It is often associated with people who have unusual behaviors or interests that make them stand out from others.


The word “eccentric” comes from the Latin word “eccentricus” which means “out of the center.” This perfectly captures the essence of eccentricity, as eccentric people often go against the norm or follow their own path instead of conforming to society’s expectations.

Everyday Life:

Eccentricity can be found all around us in everyday life. You might come across someone who dresses in vibrant and unusual clothing, or who speaks in a quirky and unconventional manner. Eccentric people often have unique hobbies, such as collecting odd objects, inventing peculiar gadgets, or creating extraordinary artworks.

Some famous examples of eccentric individuals include eccentric artists like Salvador Dali, who painted surreal and dreamlike images, and eccentric inventors like Nikola Tesla, who had brilliant and unconventional ideas. These people have made a significant impact on their fields by thinking outside the box and embracing their eccentricity.

Synonyms and Comparisons:

Synonyms for eccentric include terms like peculiar, odd, quirky, unconventional, and outlandish. Eccentric can be compared to terms like unique or individualistic, as it describes someone who stands out from the crowd in their thoughts, actions, or appearance.

While eccentricity can sometimes be mistaken for weirdness or strangeness, it is important to remember that eccentric individuals often bring creativity, innovation, and fresh perspectives to the world. They see things differently and can inspire others to think beyond the ordinary.


Eccentricity is an intriguing and wonderful quality that adds flavor and excitement to our lives. It celebrates the diversity of human nature and encourages us to embrace our individuality. While eccentric individuals may be seen as peculiar or odd by some, they often possess remarkable talents and bring unique perspectives to the table.

So, next time you encounter someone or something that appears eccentric, take a moment to appreciate their vibrant and unconventional essence. Embrace eccentricity, for it is a beautiful expression of human diversity and the driving force behind true innovation and creativity.