Definition of Easel

What is an Easel?

An easel is a stand or frame used by artists to support a canvas or board while they paint or draw on it. It usually has three legs and can be adjusted to different heights and angles to suit the artist’s needs.

Origin of Easels

Easels have been used for centuries by artists all around the world. They were first used in ancient Egypt and ancient Greece, and have since become an essential tool for artists of all ages.

Where are Easels Found in Everyday Life?

Easels are often found in art studios, classrooms, and even at home for practicing and displaying artwork. They are also commonly seen in museums and galleries, where they hold up paintings for people to admire.

Synonyms and Comparisons

An easel can also be called a painting stand or a display tripod. It is similar to a portable tripod used for cameras or a music stand used to hold sheet music.

Conclusion: The Definition of Easel

An easel is a special stand used by artists to hold their canvas or board while they create beautiful paintings or drawings. It helps them work comfortably and display their artwork for others to see. Easels have been used for a long time and can be found in various places where art is created or exhibited.