Definition of dough

What is Dough?

Do you love eating pizza, bread, or cookies? Well, all of these delicious treats have a common ingredient called dough. But what exactly is dough?


Dough is a soft and pliable mixture made by combining flour, water, and sometimes other ingredients like yeast or sugar. It has been used by humans for thousands of years! Ancient Egyptians were one of the first civilizations to make dough, and they used it to make bread. Since then, dough has been an important part of many different cultures around the world.

Everyday Life

Dough can be found in many everyday foods that we love to eat. From the crispy crust of a pizza to the warm and fluffy bread, dough is the key ingredient that gives these foods their shape, texture, and taste. It’s also used in making yummy pastries, such as croissants and donuts. So, next time you have a delicious treat, remember that dough played a big role in making it!


Dough is often referred to by different names. In baking, you may hear it being called “batter” when it has a thinner consistency. In some recipes, it may be called “doughnut,” which is a specific type of dough used to make those tasty treats with a hole in the middle.


If you’ve ever played with clay, you’ll find that dough is quite similar. Just like clay, dough is soft, moldable, and can be shaped into different forms. However, unlike clay, dough is edible and can be cooked or baked to create delicious foods!


In a nutshell, dough is a mixture made from flour, water, and sometimes other ingredients. It is a versatile substance used in many different foods worldwide. So, the next time you enjoy a yummy slice of pizza or a warm chocolate chip cookie, give a little appreciation to dough for making it possible!