Definition of Cybergraphy

What is Cybergraphy?

Cybergraphy is the fancy word for drawing or creating art using a computer or other digital devices. It’s like painting, but instead of using brushes and paint, you use a computer program or app.


Cybergraphy has its roots in the world of technology. As computers became more advanced, artists started to explore the potential of using them to create amazing digital art. This led to the birth of cybergraphy.

Everyday Life

Cybergraphy is all around us in our everyday life. Have you ever seen those cool animated movies like “Finding Nemo” or “Frozen”? Those movies are created using cybergraphy! It’s also used to make video games, design websites, and even create artwork for advertising.


If cybergraphy is a bit hard to remember, you can also call it digital art or computer-generated art. These words mean the same thing as cybergraphy.


Think of cybergraphy like a virtual art studio. Instead of using paintbrushes and canvas, you use a computer or tablet to create your masterpiece. It’s like having a whole art supply store inside your electronic device!


Cybergraphy is the amazing world of creating art using computers or other digital devices. It’s used in movies, video games, website design, and more. Cybergraphy is like having a virtual art studio right at your fingertips!


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