Definition of Conceptual

What is Conceptual?

Conceptual is a big word that means having to do with ideas or concepts. You can think of a concept as an idea or a thought that is in your mind. We use conceptual when we want to describe things that are not physical objects but instead exist in our minds.

Where does Conceptual come from?

The word Conceptual comes from the Latin word “conceptus”, which means “conceived” or “imagined”. It was first used in the English language around the late 19th century.

Where can we find Conceptual in everyday life?

We can find conceptual things all around us, even though we can’t always see or touch them. When artists create abstract paintings or sculptures, they are often expressing conceptual ideas. In books or stories, authors use words to create images in our minds, and those images are also conceptual. Even in math, when we think about numbers and their relationships, we are dealing with concepts.

What are some synonyms for Conceptual?

Some synonyms for conceptual include abstract, theoretical, and philosophical. All these words have to do with ideas rather than physical objects. They describe things that we can imagine or think about but can’t hold in our hands.

How is Conceptual different from something close?

Conceptual is different from tangible things. Tangible things are the ones we can touch, see, or feel, like toys or trees. But conceptual things are intangible, meaning they are ideas or thoughts that exist only in our minds.

In conclusion

Conceptual is an important word that helps us understand things that are more about ideas and thoughts than about physical objects. When we think about abstract art, read stories, or delve into math problems, we are exploring the world of concepts. So, the next time somebody talks about something conceptual, you will know that they are talking about something that exists in our minds.