Definition of Collapse

What is Collapse?

Collapse refers to the complete breakdown or failure of something, such as a structure or system. It means that something has fallen down or completely fallen apart.


The word “collapse” comes from the Latin word “collapsus,” which means to fall together or to give way. It has been used in English since the 18th century.

Everyday Life

Collapse can be observed in various aspects of everyday life. For example, a collapsing building happens when its structure weakens and cannot support itself anymore, leading to its falling down. Another example is when a person falls down suddenly due to weakness or exhaustion, this can also be referred to as a collapse. In nature, we may witness the collapse of a sandcastle on the beach when the sand loses its structure and falls apart.

Synonyms and Comparison

Synonyms for collapse include crumble, disintegrate, topple, break down, and give way. Collapsing can be compared to a stack of cards falling one by one when the bottom card is removed. It’s like a Jenga tower that tumbles down when too many blocks are pulled out.

The Definition of Collapse

Overall, collapse means that something has fallen apart or failed completely. It is when a structure, system, or even a person cannot support itself anymore and breaks down. Whether it’s a building, a sandcastle, or even a person, collapse occurs when something loses its stability and falls apart.