Definition of Cartesian Product

What is Cartesian Product?

Cartesian Product is a mathematical concept that helps us combine two sets of items to create a new set. It is named after the famous mathematician René Descartes, who developed the concept.

Where is Cartesian Product Found in Everyday Life?

Cartesian Product might sound a bit complicated, but we actually come across it in our daily lives more often than we think! For example, imagine you have a drawer filled with colorful socks, and another drawer filled with different types of shoes. When you match each sock with each shoe, you are actually creating a Cartesian Product!

Synonyms and Comparison

Cartesian Product is sometimes also called a cross product. If you think of it like a multiplication, where each element in one set is combined with every element in another set, it becomes easier to understand. It’s similar to when you make a list of all the possible combinations of toppings for a pizza!


In conclusion, Cartesian Product is a fancy math term that means combining two sets to create a new set. It helps us find all the possible combinations between the elements of different sets. So next time you mix and match socks or toppings on your favorite food, remember that you’re actually doing Cartesian Product!