Definition of Assimilation

What is Assimilation?

Assimilation is a process where one thing becomes similar or blends in with another thing. It happens when something new joins or becomes a part of something else.

Origin of Assimilation

The word “assimilation” comes from the Latin word “assimilare,” which means to make similar. It has been used for a long time to describe how things come together and become alike.

Assimilation in Everyday Life

We can see assimilation happen in many different places and situations. For example, when you move to a new place and start learning a new language, you start to assimilate into the new culture. You may pick up local customs, traditions, and even accents. Similarly, when you mix different colors to create a new color, that is also assimilation.

Synonyms for Assimilation

There are some other words that mean the same or similar things as assimilation. Some of these words include blending in, merging, integrating, and becoming alike.

Comparison to Something Close

Assimilation is like when you mix different juices together to create a new flavor. Each juice keeps its original taste, but they blend together to create a new and unique taste. This is similar to how different cultures or things can come together and create something new and interesting.


Assimilation is the process of joining or blending things together to become similar or alike. It can happen when people learn a new language and culture, or when different things mix and create something new. Assimilation is all about things coming together and becoming alike in some way or another.


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