Definition of Assimilate

What is Assimilate?

Assimilate means to understand something new and make it a part of yourself. It is like taking in new information or ideas and making them your own.

Origin of Assimilate

The word “assimilate” comes from the Latin word “assimilāre,” which means to make similar or to become like.

Assimilate in Everyday Life

You may discover new things every day, like learning a new word, understanding a concept in school, or discovering a different culture. When you assimilate new knowledge, it means you are taking in and understanding these new things so they become a part of you. For example, when you learn a new word, you try to understand its meaning and use it in your own conversations.

Synonyms for Assimilate

Synonyms are words that have similar meanings. Some synonyms for assimilate are comprehend, grasp, absorb, and learn. All these words describe the process of taking in and understanding new information.

Assimilate vs. Something Close

Assimilate is similar to two other words – adapt and imitate. While assimilating involves understanding and making new things a part of yourself, adapting means adjusting to new situations, like learning to live in a new place. On the other hand, imitating means copying someone or something without fully understanding or making it your own.

Understanding the Definition of Assimilate

In conclusion, assimilate means to understand and make new things a part of who you are. It is a process of taking in and comprehending new information, concepts, or ideas. Assimilating helps you grow and expand your knowledge and experience, making you a well-rounded individual. So, the next time you learn something new, remember to assimilate it and make it a part of you!