Definition of Algid

What is Algid?

Algid refers to something that is extremely cold or chilly. It is often used to describe a feeling or temperature that is icy, freezing, or frigid.

Origin of Algid

The word “algid” comes from the Latin word “algidus,” which means cold or chilly. It has been in use in the English language since the early 17th century.

Where can you find Algid in everyday life?

You can experience algid temperatures during winter seasons, especially in cold regions. When you step outside on a frosty morning and feel a shiver, that’s an example of an algid sensation.

Synonyms and Comparison

Some synonyms for algid include freezing, frigid, icy, and chilly. It can be compared to holding a piece of ice or standing outside in a blizzard.


Algid is a word used to describe something extremely cold or chilly. It originates from the Latin word “algidus” and is commonly used to express icy or freezing temperatures. It can be experienced during winter or in cold regions. Synonyms for algid include freezing, frigid, icy, and chilly. So, the next time you feel an intense cold, just remember that it can be described as algid!